Published on November 20, 2017 • Last updated on July 9th, 2022

Your generous donations SAVED Paul Mathews Prairie!

Mathews Prairie – Photo by Jason Singhurst

Your generous donations SAVED Paul Mathews Prairie!

NPAT and The Nature Conservancy of Texas are now the stewards of the Paul Mathews Prairie. We will work together to ensure the prairie is protected. This prairie will certainly be the site of many future PRAIRIE WALKS, EDUCATIONAL TOURS,  SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, and SURVEYS (of its abounding flora and fauna – recording its value as a healthy Blackland prairie habitat for a variety of wildlife).

THANK YOU! It is with sincere appreciation and humble gratitude that NPAT says ‘thank you’ to each and every donor and member! In addition to making your own financial contribution, you ‘spread the word’, ‘championed our cause’.  You encouraged people to add their individual strength and focus our collective efforts to save this beautiful prairie from future development.


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