Give the gift of Texas prairies!

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Recently the Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT) received a letter from a very upset suburban teenager. Hand-written on notebook paper with sketches of animals around the border, it was heart-breaking. 

To respect his privacy, we won’t use his real name. “Zack” began with: “I care and take seriously and want to protect endangered species and habitats, but . . . all over Texas or in the countryside, undeveloped, natural, plant growing, raw land once spread across all over and provided homes for local wildlife . . . now most are being destroyed, torn up, sold and cement-replaced at a really fast rate.” 

Zack reached out because he saw the prairie meadows around his neighborhood getting bulldozed and it pained him. He was calling for help − from us, and from you. I can empathize with Zack. Can’t you? But NPAT can only help conserve as much prairie land as there are resources available to make it possible. 

Your support has already empowered NPAT to protect irreplaceable prairies across the state. But there is so much more to do. That’s why we are asking you to give to NPAT during this season of giving. Your generous year-end donation will let Zack and others like him know there are people who hear them and care. The facts are stark and undeniable. Not only does Texas lose over 250 acres of rural land PER DAY to development, but it is also projected to become the most populous state in the U.S. by 2050. 

Zack continued: “. . . all the green areas I knew from my childhood here are now replaced with cement . . .” “Forcing out animals like owls, beavers, possums, deer, foxes, armadillos, toads, fireflies, butterflies and others . . . and puts them in danger of not having the space to survive.” 

He understands what is happening to nature. The wildlife that depend on these vanishing grasslands are struggling. Pollinators like the Monarch butterfly are declining. Grassland birds are disappearing faster than any other type of bird. But it can’t be left up to Zack and the generations after us to fix a problem they didn’t create. Why does this matter? Prairies are a part of the rich heritage of Texas. They provide food, build healthy soil, clean water with their deep roots, offer better livestock feed, and enrich our lives. 

Be as generous as possible with an amount most meaningful to you. It will be matched 1 to 1 up to $15,000!

With your gift, you can safeguard prairies so that they remain a source of wonder and inspiration.  

  • YOU will advance active efforts to save more land: Several negotiations now with private landowners are nearing completion to permanently protect their prairies.
  • YOU will maintain the health of the 27 properties NPAT already protects: Including the newest, the historic Burleson Farm and unique Elder Prairie Preserve.
  • YOU will inspire action for prairies: Outreach and education programs share restoration guidance with landowners and enlighten students, teachers, and civic groups.

Zack closed his letter with: “. . . those remaining undeveloped wild areas need your protection and restoration fast . . . I hope you come pass here and help protect the remaining or help restore the natural wilds there. Please and thank you!” 

Le Conte’s Sparrow photo courtesy of Chuck Duplant.