White Rock Prairie News

Published by Blackland Prairie Chapter on

A full house showed for the August chapter meeting. The most exciting news is an agreement being developed between the Parks & Recreation Dept. and the Blackland Chapter to rehabilitate some original prairie parcels at the lake.

We need to identify which prairies parcels we want to rehabilitate. They must be workable with ordinary garden equipment and have enough plant diversity to be viable. Visibility and familiarity to the public is a plus.

Be a part of the scouting team. Gather at the Boy Scout Hill parking lot (SW corner of Mockingbird and E. Lawther) on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 9 am. 

We’ll walk that corner of lake prairie parcels. Our best plant experts will be with us. We’ll all learn a lot! Dress for heat, wear sunscreen and bugspray (lots of it) for chiggers