The Big Bluestem Circle

A new group of inspiring and committed supporters who lead the way to help us save more Texas prairie.

Big Bluestem, or Andropogon gerardii, is one of the most iconic grasses of the Texas and North American great plains. It is among the tallest, most versatile, and most resilient prairie species. It is also a strong symbol of a healthy grassland ecosystem.

In 2022 The Native Prairies Association of Texas rolled out our new Leadership Giving Program, designed for and by our most dedicated prairie enthusiasts. These visionaries agreed to donate the value of $2,000 or more annually over three consecutive years with their time, talents, and resources.

This investment provides a greater impact and an important base of stability to the organization as we ambitiously accelerate the conservation of more native prairies. Members will enjoy special benefits and recognition for their commitment.

Big Bluestem at Reisel Prairie. Photo by Lisa Spangler.

NPAT is proud to introduce the founding members of The Big Bluestem Circle:

Beth and Roy Clark
Charles Hall

Erin Hatchett
B. F. Hicks
Ian and Barbara Kress
Evelyn L. Merz
Marsha Stephens

Suzanne and Steve Tuttle
Wallace Ward III
The L.A.W. Fund


We will continue to welcome founding members throughout 2022. To explore how you can join The Big Bluestem Circle and make a lasting difference to save more Texas prairie, please contact Development Director Jeff Sargent. Thank you for your interest!