Wanted: YOUR Ideas for 2014 Prairie Programs!

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Hi Prairie Enthusiasts!

We Want YOUR Ideas for 2014 Prairie Programs!

You are invited to come to an open board meeting for HNPAT tomorrow at 1:20 pm at 3015 Richmond.  I apologize that it is not during the evening.  However, this is the best we can do to accommodate the most number of HNPAT board members and advisors.

If you cannot come to the meeting, please send your ideas. 

​Even if you are planning to come, please send your ideas ahead of time, so we can think about it before the meeting.
  • Location: 3015 Richmond Ave., 77098​
  • Time: Thursday, October 9, 1:20 – 3:00: an open board meeting to discuss next year’s HNPAT monthly meeting programs. (Wait at the first floor board room or if you arrive late – go to the 2nd floor conference room)

Actually agenda will be given out at the meeting. Some background information and items to be discussed are below. Please send your feedback!

Time & location of 2015 meetings: 

Since Houston is such a large area, we are discussion rotating HNPAT meetings between 3 locations next year: Houston, Deer Park (at the house), Fort Bend (location to be organized by Barbara Willy. For continuity, it is probably best having the meetings on the same day of the month and with same start time.  (Please weigh in with your ideas about this point.)  Another item for discussion is to possibly going back to Fourth Wednesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:30pm.  Also under discussion is the possibility that a free location at a Sugar Land Library would preclude Wednesdays, since they close at 6 on Wednesday, but at 9pm on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Tentative meeting schedule for next year:

  • January – Deer Park
  • February – Houston
  • March – Fort Bend
  • April – Deer Park
  • May – Houston
  • June – Fort Bend
  • July – Deer Park
  • August – Houston
  • September – Fort Bend
  • October – Halloween event at Deer Park
  • November – Potluck in Houston (2nd week in November)
  • December – Fort Bend (Field trip – not at regular time due to holidays)

Types of Meeting Programs:

At the last open board meeting in June, we talked about goals of HNPAT. We discussed whether we wanted programs to be to appeal to our core supporters or to entice new people to come to meetings. General conclusion was we need to do both, so we would need a variety of programs, those directed to prairie plants, since that is apparently the interest of most of our members, and programs directed to other areas of the prairie to draw in new people. Katy’s talk last August on moths is a good example of the latter. At least 3 Fort Bend entomology group members who had never attended an HNPAT meeting drove to Houston to hear her talk!

We sort of got bogged down at that June open board meeting about how to quantitatively measure achieving our goals; no one at the meeting came up with a solution. However, Pat Merkord, who was not there, suggested a method of measurement would be to track increase in membership and attendance and also increase in first time attendees.

Pat Merkord, said one of the new chapters (Fort Worth or Dallas) divided meeting attendees in random groups and ask the groups to come up with program ideas.  We copied that after the DPP tour in August and below were the ideas that were proposed. Thanks to those who participated – great ideas!  Please download to enlarge. (Send your feedback about this program topics.)


Ideas for 2015 Meeting Programs

Ideas for 2015 Meeting Programs


Types of Field Trips:

One comment at the last open board meeting, was to have more field trips. However, looking at our program for 2014 and including the Prairie Power Series programs that we sponsored, we had quite a few outdoor activities in 2014. Perhaps we did not have the type of field trips that person was looking for. So please send in your ideas for field trips you would like to take.

Please come tomorrow or send (either today or at any time) your ideas on what HNPAT could be doing; send to [email protected]. ANY IDEAS – not necessarily in the areas mentioned above – are welcome!

Thanks very much,

Lan Shen
President, Houston Chapter, Native Prairies Association of Texas 
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