Want to Save the Bees & Monarchs?

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Want to Save the Bees and Monarchs? (from The Great Seed Bomb benefit bike ride campaign)
We’ve all heard about the news that bees, monarchs and other pollinators are in trouble, but what can we do about it? We are a small but mighty community that is tired of feeling overwhelmed about our pollinator problem and food source threat, so we’ve created The Great Seed Bomb – a boots-on-the-ground project – to do something about it.

What if going on a fun 15-mile bike ride in your city could boost habitat for bees and monarchs and give us all hope through one herculean grassroots-for-the-grasslands effort? It’s time to take the solution into our own hands and plant the seed.

Funds raised will: Activate our next rides for the 2016/17 season, which will distribute 30,000+ seed balls in North Texas and contribute thousands of dollars to the Native Prairies Association of Texas.

Special thanks to our partners at The Great Seed Bomb for adopting NPAT as a benefactor of the next bike ride!

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