Published on March 23, 2022 • Last updated on July 8th, 2022

Volunteer efforts help bluebird nesting in city park

Repost from City of Fort Worth Round-Up news published on March 14, 2022.
volunteers take a group selfie in front of a bluebird house

The Cross Timbers Master Naturalist team is making a difference for eastern bluebirds in a south Fort Worth park.

Cross Timbers Master Naturalist volunteers, led by Alexis Chernosky, have a volunteer program at Chisholm Trail Community Park. Members meet monthly to pick up litter throughout the 84-acre park. Criss-crossing the prairie, they realized the park is an ideal place to install bluebird nest boxes.

Eastern bluebirds are native prairie birds with brilliant royal blue and rusty plumage. They normally nest in tree hollows or abandoned woodpecker holes. In urban areas, suitable habitat is not always available, and bluebirds face stiff competition for nesting sites from invasive house sparrows and European starlings.

Coordinating with the city’s Park & Recreation Department, Alexis and Lori Chernosky, Larry Mundt and Taylor Thorns set out to install bluebird nest boxes around the park on a cold February morning. The team is trained to monitor and maintain the boxes and will submit annual reports on nesting success. In time, the prairie should be filled with the sweet sounds of bluebird songs.

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Photo: Volunteers Lori Chernosky (front), Taylor Thorns, Alexis Chernosky and Larry Mundt show one of the nesting boxes their group has installed. Photo by Alexis Chernosky

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