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The Prairie Bird-a-thon

Pledge to our Second Annual Bird-a-thon!

You can help save threatened bird populations by supporting the habitat preservation work of NPAT by pledging a selected amount to donate per number of birds counted over a 4 week period. Pledges can be made from May 13 through June 14. A report on the count will follow.

Bird counts will be led by Pat Merkord, Carly Aulicky and other volunteers. New this year: the Bexar County (San Antonio) Audubon Society contributed their Kirchoff Prairie Birdblitz numbers! We hope to top 2000 birds this year from counts at Kirchoff Prairie, Maddin Prairie, Daphne Prairie, Mary Talbot Prairie, Talbot Brothers Prairie and Lawther-Deer Park Prairie.

Bird-a-thon Pledge 21

Thank you for your pledge!

Here is a rough idea to help you plan your pledge. If we spot 2,000, birds then:

  • 1¢ per bird will be $20
  • 5¢ per bird will be $100
  • 10¢ per bird will be $200
  • 20¢ per bird will be $400
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We will notify you at the end of the survey period how many birds we counted and what your final pledge amount is. At that time you may complete your donation on our website or mail us a check. Thanks!

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