The Prairie Bird-a-thon

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The results are in for our Second Annual Bird-a-thon!

Bird counts were led by Pat Merkord, along with staff and volunteers. New this year: the Bexar County (San Antonio) Audubon Society contributed their Kirchoff Prairie Birdblitz numbers! We hoped to top 2000 birds this year, and exceeded that goal by 58! The results are from counts at Kirchoff Prairie, Maddin Prairie, Daphne Prairie, Mary Talbot Prairie, Talbot Brothers Prairie and Lawther-Deer Park Prairie.

  • Maddin Prairie (Mitchell County, Texas): 726 Birds Counted
  • Kirchoff Prairie Preserve (Wilson County, Texas): 507 Birds Counted
  • Daphne Prairie (Franklin County, Texas): 602 Birds Counted
  • Mary Talbot Prairie (Bowie County, Texas): 59 Birds Counted
  • Talbot Brothers Prairie (Bowie County, Texas): 54 Birds Counted
  • Lawther-Deer Park Prairie (Harris County, Texas): 110 Birds Counted
  • Total for 2021 NPAT Bird-a-thon: 2,058 Birds Counted!

Thanks to everyone who pledged to this fundraiser and who supported this effort to conserve our prairie habitats for birds!! We raised $970.92!!

A huge thank you to the following volunteers and staff who assisted in the counting on these properties:
Team Maddin: Tom Willard, Kelly Walker, Kirsti Harms, Carly Aulicky, Pat Merkord
Team Kirchoff Prairie: Don Kirchoff, San Antonio (Bexar Co.) Audubon Society, San Antonio NPAT
and Carly Aulicky
Team Daphne Prairie: Erin Hatchett, Pat and Glenn Merkord, Kirsti Harms, Terri Siegenthaler, Mary Kay Sexton
Team Talbot Brothers & Mary Talbot: Kelly Walker, Pat and Glenn Merkord
Team Deer Park Prairie: Kirsti Harms and Pat Merkord

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