Thanks, DPP Volunteers!!! & other Deer Park Prairie Updates

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Many Thanks to Deer Park Prairie Volunteers!

More Opportunity to Volunteer on Saturday, July 26, open from 9 AM – 6 PM

Thanks to the Volunteers who braved the heat and came to help prepare Deer Park Prairie for mowing:

Donna Bailey

Brandt Mannchen

Bill & Celeste Mead (Celeste came both Saturday & Monday!)

Pat and Glenn Merkord

Judy Thomas

Kelly Walker

On Saturday, Donna worked on Baccharis. Bill and Celeste Mead and I (Lan) removed  dead tallows logs downed during the June workday from the prairie and piled them along the east side drainage ditch easement.  Bill, using a chain saw purchased with the TPWD grant, cut down stumps to ground level, so the brush-hog would be able to mow there. McCartney rose was dug up. Glenn Merkord chopped back trees near the prairie entrance and cleared brush and vegetation to removed concrete chunks from the prairie, while Pat did transects required by the TPWD grant. (Unfortunately no photos were taken that day.)

On Monday, Brandt, Celeste, Glenn, Judy, Kelly,& Lan cut the tallow trees along the northwest the fence line at the entrance and cut back the dewberry to remove the debris under it.  All cuttings were transported via Glenn’s trailer to the northwest corner of the prairie, where a brush pile was created. The vegetation under the brush pile consisted of invasives, which hopefully will be smothered by the brush pile.

We were all extremely grateful for the company that chose Deer Park Prairie as the recipient of a violation fine it had to pay. Part of that money paid for fixing the house, so we were able to cool off in the A/C and Pat and Bill were able to shower and freshen up after a hot and sweaty workday.

Everyone enjoyed seeing the plants currently in bloom:

On July 22, the Merkords and I (Lan) met at the house with Flo Hannah of Houston Audubon Society, Mark Kramer of Armand Bayou Nature Center, Aaron Tjelmeland of Texas Nature Conservancy, and Don Verser for a very productive discussion of the Deer Park Prairie Management plan. The upcoming mowing was discussed as well as methods to deal with specific invasives, such as the King Ranch Bluestem, torpedo grass, San Augustine and Bahia grass.

Discussing DPP's Management Plan - July 22, 2014

Discussing DPP’s Management Plan – July 22, 2014