Tandy Hills BioBlitz & Beyond

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Monday, February 13, 2017 from 6:30pm – 8pm
Tandy Hills BioBlitz & Beyond
Presenters: John Tandy: Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area & FW-NPAT & Bruce Benz: Texas Weselyn University
Amon G. Carter, Jr. – Downtown YMCA at 512 Lamar Street

Bruce Benz and John Tandy will present a unique “BioBlitz double feature” for the next FW-NPAT program – combining nature, technology, citizen science – and entertainment!  The program is titled “Tandy Hills: BioBlitz and Beyond!” – set for Monday evening, Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m., at the Downtown Fort Worth YMCA Building.

The presentation will begin with a showing of a 20-minute video titled “Tandy Hills Natural Area: BioBlitz 2016,” followed by a “live action” visual presentation and discussion about the ongoing iNaturalist project for the area, and the underlying science and conservation concepts behind it.

The program will show how ANYONE can become an active citizen scientist through the use of the “iNat” smartphone application – and can be enlightened and empowered to document the “ecological value” of a specific piece of land.  These ideas and the basic process can be used in any location – the skills are transferable, and if you’ve got a smartphone and a desire to do something that matters, you’ll find it’s all right at your fingertips.  Please join us!

The video – and an accompanying handbook – were prepared through a grant from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and documents the BioBlitz planning process, community partnerships, and the event itself, with appearances by many of the scientists and organizers who participated.  The following “live” presentation will focus on the iNaturalist inventory and some of the key BioBlitz concepts, including:

  • Tandy Hills’ special ecological values come from its unique habitat and biological diversity, including numerous “endemic” species.
  • “Ecosystem services” are a collective tangible valued asset, which benefit individuals and communities in many ways.
  • Prior threats to this habitat and biological diversity came from abandonment, lack of effective management, ineffective multiple use practices and lack of public awareness.
  • Effective management comes about by planning, which is actualized by repeated inventory, monitoring and intervention.

You’ll also learn how you can participate in the ongoing BioBlitz efforts at Tandy Hills Natural Area in East Fort Worth – and how you can make your very own meaningful contribution to the continuing iNaturalist project

 Benz is chairman of the Texas Wesleyan University Biology Dept., and Tandy wrote and directed the video project.

Please come a bit early, if possible – we expect a good crowd.  Guests are welcome. Free parking is available in a YMCA lot across the street, and there’s also metered on-street parking.  See you at the movies!

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