Prairie Description from 1832

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Karl Anton Postl under the pen name of Charles Sealsfield wrote this in 1832 about a scene in western Harris or Waller County (perhaps on the Katy Prairie?):

“…the part of the prairie in which I now found myself presented the appearance of a perfect flowergarden wih scarcely a square foot of green to be seen. The most variegated carpet of flowers I ever beheld lay unrolled before me – red, yellow, violet, blue, every color, every tint was there – millions of the most magnificent prairie roses, tube-roses, dahlias, and fifty other kinds of flowers. The finest artificial garden in the world would sink into insignificance when compared with this parterre of nature’s own planting. My horse could scarcely make his way through the wilderness of flowers, and I for a time remained lost in admiration of this scene of extraordinary beauty. The prairie in the distance looked as if clothed with rainbows that waved to and fro over its surface.”

Sent by Brandt Mannchen – excerpt from The Explorers’ Texas – The Lands And Waters by Del Weniger.

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