Published on September 22, 2014 • Last updated on July 21st, 2022

Petition to abolish the Trinity Watershed Management Department


Give the Trinity Park back to the Parks Department

Our biggest natural asset is not being protected

Please sign this petition to protect our park!


The Trinity Watershed Management Department has proven incapable of protecting the irreplaceable natural asset we have in the Trinity River.  One of the ostensible reasons for TWM’s existence was its supposed environmental knowledge and sensitivity.  Instead, its actions with regard to the whitewater feature, Pemberton’s Big Spring, clear cutting the Trinity Forest, and the forest pond drainage prove that it cannot be a responsible steward of the local environment.

TWM’s functions are also entirely duplicative of other departments.  Its flood control functions belong in Public Works, and its park development and management functions belong with the Parks and Recreation Department.  Moving these functions and their share of the budget back where they belong will result in more effective operations and reduction of redundant positions.  Keeping our biggest park under the oversight of the Parks Board will add a layer of protection for this Dallas treasure.