People for Prairies 2023 / The Question


How can we help urban youth connect with nature?

The Galveston Bay region is one of the fastest-growing in the U.S. Two centuries ago the Texas Gulf Coast was dominated by 6.5 million acres of coastal tallgrass prairie. Today less than 1% remains. And 650 acres of rural land PER DAY is lost in Texas to urban development.

Yet the benefits of nature are being rediscovered: physical and mental health, clean air and water, and resilience in a changing climate.

But many urban residents don’t have easy access to parks and green space, much less true wilderness. Without knowledge and experience, there can be a fear of nature. 

Education Director Della Barbato leads a field trip to Lawther-Deer Park Prairie.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation of conservationists by introducing them to the beauty and benefits of native prairies. We help urban youth and adults discover the wonders of nature by bringing them to our Lawther – Deer Park Prairie to experience it firsthand. But what more can be done?

The vision is to help generate a broad restoration of coastal prairies to benefit people and wildlife.

Native Prairies Association of Texas is committed to this goal and vision. We are driven to educate youth and adults to keep Texas prairie! It is our natural heritage.

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Thanks to our event sponsors, major supporters, and individual donors for making People for Prairies 2023 a success!


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March 13, 2023

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Photo credits: page banner by Sean Fitzgerald; Lauren Jansen Simpson photo courtesy of the University of Houston Law Center; school field trip photos by Della Barbato.

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