Our Prairie People: Force of Nature

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Each Thursday in June we share a feature about one of our many marvelous members, as part of “Our Prairie People” month.

Cynthia Nesser
Owner, C1 Create Consultancy

NPAT Member since 2020

NPAT Member Cynthia Nesser

By Jeff Sargent

Cynthia Nesser is a force of nature. Her enthusiasm for life and making a difference in the world is evident the first time you meet her.

She is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, shaped by her father’s love of fishing and a lifelong appreciation for the natural world. “Even as a young child, my father regularly had me on the river fishing before sunrise. It was inevitable that I would grow to appreciate the natural world around me,” Cynthia said.

She is deeply passionate about conservation, sustainability, and the environment, having been involved in conservation projects for decades. Cynthia joined the Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT) in 2020 to learn more about native prairies and support our mission. She appreciates the profound impact NPAT has with limited resources.

To support her conservation habit, she is a successful businesswoman and owner of C1 Create, a marketing and litigation support consultancy based in Houston and New Orleans. Her firm has been delivering presentation assistance, media management, and evidence services for 30+ years to attorneys involved in major litigation cases.

C1 Create simplifies complex topics for the public, including lawyers, companies, and organizations. Cynthia’s business planning, marketing, and public relations background also complements her consulting work. Plus, she is a founding member of the Houston Area Private Directors Association and is on their Executive Committee.

Cynthia graduated with honors from Southeastern Louisiana University. She serves on the Board of the Southeastern Louisiana University Foundation as Governance Chair, following a term as Board President.

She volunteers her expertise to nonprofits by assisting with board development, fundraising, governance, strategic planning, and other board management issues. Cynthia’s experience as Board Chair and board member for several charities has given her valuable insight into their challenges. She graciously came to La Grange in January to share her wisdom during NPAT’s annual Board Retreat.

Cynthia supports several conservation and wildlife projects and organizations throughout the Southwest. This includes acting as a project manager and co-author of a book about nature in Central Texas, to be published by Texas A&M Press. She has also collaborated with government officials, scientists, experts, and the press in support of nature.

When asked about her favorite prairie species, Cynthia didn’t hesitate. “With golden yellow being my favorite color, I cannot help but love the tall, floppy Swamp Sunflower, which is a great food source for insects, pollinators, birds, and grazers. With its perennial and wide-spreading root system, it also provides erosion control and groundwater replenishment.”

“I am part of NPAT to help them in any way I can, but also for my own benefit. I want to know more about native prairies. The members and volunteers of NPAT are patient and generous teachers.”

Thank you, Cynthia, for your love of nature and for being such an energetic, patient, and generous teacher to us. We are grateful to you and all our members. If you, dear reader, are not yet an NPAT member you can learn more about how to join HERE.