Our Coastal Prairie: Finding, Restoring and Managing Urban Prairie Remnants

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Don Verser’s presentation will explore the history of our coastal prairie and what happened to it. He will define what a remnant prairie is and how to find them, and how to assess their quality and begin the restoration process. He will present some examples of local urban remnants and talk about what is going on at Deer Park Prairie and the management objectives there. Don has been exploring and studying prairies both in Oklahoma and Texas for 40 years. In Oklahoma he studied the birds that nest in and use the tallgrass prairie. He has learned to recognize many of our coastal prairie plants and the invasive species that threaten native habitats. He is now very interested in learning how to restore and manage the few remnants that remain. Recently he has been leading the management of the Deer Park Prairie. Don is a retired Chemical Engineer who worked for Phillips Petroleum and Chevron Phillips Chemical for 37 years. Please register here to get the meeting link: https://wordpress.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=95e7abf8791c05f3172dcd6e0&id=dcdb46c208&e=12edc842e9

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