Open HNPAT board meeting needs your input (by email or attendance on W, 6/18, 7:00pm)

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Hi all,
We would like your help and input to help us build a better and more responsive HNPAT (Houston Chapter of the Native Prairies Association of Texas): 
Wed, June 18 at 7:00 pm at Bayland Community Center, 6400 Bissonnet, 77074
we are having the first of a few HNPAT board meeting OPEN TO ALL who would like us help improve HNPAT.  Although this meeting time conflicts with the Memorial Park Demonstration Project meeting, we need to decide some issues before the next NPAT board meeting on June 21 (at Deer Park Prairie this quarter).  
Anyone who would like provide their opinion, but cannot attend, please email me ([email protected]) your input. 
Tentative agenda items (order will be rearranged for the meeting):
  • Meetings
  • Once we moved to the Richmond Ave. location, we have gained attendance in general, but lost some from Fort Bend County
  • Bases on proposals by Barbara Willy and others, we will discuss rotating the monthly meetings between Houston (Richmond Ave. location), Fort Bend Cty, and Deer Park. That way there will be a meeting at every location once per quarter. The Fort Bend County Libraries might provide free meeting locations, since unlike the Houston libraries, they are open until 9:00 pm several nights per week.
  • One option would be to have it on the same day of the week & time each month, but with rotating locations.
  • Other topics: getting local TMN chapters’ approval for HNPAT meetngs to be counted as advanced training (from Barbara)
  • Investigating if HNPAT meetings or a series of HNPAT meetings can count as Continuing education for teachers (from Noreen)
  • Upcoming HNPAT open board meeting(s) will plan meeting topics for September & October and 2015.  Please send suggestions. We might start this discussion on Wed, if time permits.
  • Finances
      • Speaker
        ​’s fee:  To date, we have only paid speaker’s fees for those who said that a fee would be appreciated. A suggestion from Noreen – ask for donations of gift cards that people are not using (i.e. they get it as a gift and would not be using) and include these in the thank you card for speakers who do not get a fee.  
  • Food at meetings: To date the Merkords have brought and donated food for the meetings.  However, we are seeking a more sustainable method.  Barbara suggested asking members to sign up for a month, when they would bring food.  Brandt Mannchen suggested putting a donation jar for food.  Noreen suggested allocating, a small amount – say $10 per month for food to get the basics (water, and a few food items in case no one brings anything) and then just ask people to voluntarily, if they wish, to bring something to share, when they come. Feedback needed.
  • Power Point Projector: Need to investigate which to get.  Hazel might be able to look into this matter.  All suggestions on this are welcome. NPSOT-H (thanks, Sheryl Marquez for the info) on Houston Audubon’s recommendation just got a Dell  1510X  Price $599, which [she] purchased online from Dell. Then you have to pay shipping and also there is an adapter that [she] got at BestBuy for Mac users.
  • NPAT would like the domain name to be , however, that is not possible the way NPAT’s and HNPAT’s website are configured.  
  • We would like to buy a domain name without the wordpress in it – any suggestions?   
  • HNPAT.ORG is shorter.  
  • Membership: 
    • According to the NPAT by-laws.  “The chapter shall be allotted 20% of membership fees from chapter members.”  To date, the NPAT board says that NPAT members must opt to join HNPAT. That has not been working – we have to chase after every member and ask them to opt in. We are proposing at the next NPAT board meeting that they adopt a policy that anyone whose HNPAT registration address is in Houston and its surrounding counties Brazoria, Chambers, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller would automatically be an HNPAT member. If any of these counties would like to form their own chapter at a later date, then the counties can be realigned.  If NPAT members from other locations would like to be HNPAT members, they would be allowed to opt in, but it would have to be at their request.  This is similar to the relationship between Audubon Society & Houston Audubon:
    • Present Board members: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President, HNPAT Plant Grower
      ​.  We need a publicity chair.​
  • If time permits: Plan meeting topics for September, October 2014 and 2015.
​Thanks for any input you can give us,

Lan Shen
President, Houston Chapter, Native Prairies Association of Texas 
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