On Every Hike:  Root Out Bastard Cabbage 

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Recommended by Jarid Manos of Great Plains Restoration Council.

This is an urgent request for people who hike the Fort Worth Prairie to add a little service work to your day of enjoyment out on the prairie. This year the bright yellow Bastard Cabbage has expanded wildly along our highways and in natural areas, parks and playgrounds. It’s rampant in places where it was almost eradicated last year, and in places where we’ve never seen it.  Help us stop this invader from pushing out native plants.    

Stick a hand trowel in your pack or pocket and spend a little time ripping out the Bastard Cabbage on every hike.  Even a few minutes would make a difference, if everybody does a little something. Let’s foster a culture of caring for the Fort Worth Prairie with active participation and stewardship. This culture will help the prairie as well as provide a deeper experience and a sense of satisfaction. Right now bastard cabbage is in bloom and the more roots we pull the less seeds spread. After a couple years some areas like Rocky Creek Park and St Francis Village tracts are showing improvement due to steady efforts, but even in these places we cannot let down our guard. 

If the ground is soft, grab the plant close to the roots and twist a little as you pull the root out so that plant is dead and gone forever.  If the ground is hard, stick that trowel deep into the soil alongside the taproot and lever the root up and out!  Be sure to bag the plants and haul them to the dump!  They are prolific seed producers.


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