October Chapter Meeting

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The prairie’s important role in preserving monarch butterflies

Tuesday, October 13 at 6:30

St. John’s Episcopal School
848 Harter, Dallas, TX 75218 — park in the back
between Peavy and Buckner off Lake Highlands (see map below)

Guest Speaker Barbara Keller-Willy

Monarch on Aster 2 Kirchoff P1080172Barbara Keller-Willy, Native Prairies Association of Texas state board member and President of Monarch Gateway 501c3 will present the Monarch Gateway Project and “How to Grow Native Milkweed” at the our next prairie meeting. As leader of the Monarch Host Cities Partnership Project, with a goal of creating contiguous Monarch Host Gardens on city/municipal properties along central and coastal migratory flyways, Barbara grows approximately 7000 milkweed per year.

Monarch on Verbena Mariposa Oct 2009 P1100597Barbara has been growing milkweed for seven years and teaching “How to Grow Native Milkweed” classes in Texas communities for the past 3 years. She will bring specimens to class and discuss the importance of volunteer growers to the Monarch migration phenomenon. There is a hands-on element to the class and you will leave with perfectly prepared growing medium and sprouted seeds to take home.

st-johns-lot2A Penn State graduate, former Siemens Continuous Improvement project executive, and Six Sigma certified problem solver, Barbara now applies her corporate problem solving skill set to the milkweed growing process and Monarch migration phenomenon. She conducts microscopic post mortem reviews on every milkweed plant lost and you will benefit from what she learned from those results. In her roles as a governor appointed State Commissioner and City of Sugar Land appointed Advisory Board member, she has leaned how to navigate the municipal process to benefit pollinators and welcomes you to join her in doing the same in your city.

For more information, please contact Leigh Ann Ellis or call 214-321-7159.