NPAT Prairies: At a Glance

This is a list of all the conservation land held by the Native Prairies Association of Texas. Current holdings, those owned by NPAT, and our conservation easements include 5,082 acres.


Dowell Ranch:
150 acres in the city of Manchaca, Travis County
This former cattle ranch was acquired by NPAT in the fall of 2021 from the Caroline Dowell Estate. Located just south of Austin, this property has multiple pastures, a woodland outcrop, a spring, ponds, one of the oldest monitoring wells for the Edwards Aquifer, and lots of structures. Included is an old ranch house, which will serve as NPAT’s new statewide headquarters. The pastures have been heavily grazed and will require significant prairie restoration, but there is strong potential.

Lawther-Deer Park Prairie:
51 acres in the city of Deer Park, Harris County
This coastal prairie remnant is sometimes called a Cajun prairie because it is often a wet prairie and is home to many species similar to ones found in rare Louisiana coastal prairies. It was maintained as a hay meadow. Bayou Land Conservancy holds the conservation easement. The Deer Park Prairie Education Program centers on this property. Read more…

Maddin Prairie Preserve:
1114 acres near Colorado City, Mitchell County
This preserve features remnant and restored mixed-grass prairie, mesquite savanna, and riparian areas. It is home to a restored prairie dog colony. A tributary of Champion Creek passes through the property and features a diverse riparian area. This family property (former cropland) was donated to NPAT by Alfred Maddin. Some areas are in CRP and CCRP. Short-term grazing has been used. Read more…

Mary Talbot Prairie:
115 acres near New Boston, Bowie County
This is a rare Silveus’ dropseed prairie remnant. Silveus’ Dropseed Prairies are named for the grass that dominates there. The property was purchased from the Talbot family, who maintained it as a hay meadow. It continues to be hayed annually. The Nature Conservancy is the monitor of the deed restrictions. Read more…

Paul Mathews Prairie:
100 acres near Greenville, Hunt County
This is a rare and pristine remnant prairie of the Blackland Prairie. It features many deep gilgai formations. It was purchased from Jim Conrad, who bought it from the Paul Mathews family. The Nature Conservancy holds the conservation easement. Read more…

Peters Prairie:
4 acres near Farmersville, Collin County
This is a tallgrass prairie remnant of the Blackland Prairie. Access is limited. Purchased from Loueen Peters. Read more…

Riesel Prairie:
5 acres near Riesel, Falls County
This is a tallgrass prairie remnant of the Blackland Prairie. Dr. Paul and Virginia Mezynski donated the prairie to NPAT. Dr. Mezynski was a past president of NPAT. Read more…

Talbot Brothers Prairie and Bottomland Forest:
366 acres near New Boston, Bowie County
Fifth-generation Texans, David and John Talbot of New Boston sold this 366-acre property to NPAT in 2019. It has bottomland forest and is one of the last examples of unplowed, native prairie in Northeast Texas. Read more…


Clymer Meadow
Wylie Tract: 97 acres, Webster Tract: 51 acres, and West Tract: 56 acres near Celeste, Hunt County
These easements are part of a larger conservation area owned by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and other private owners.  The Clymer Meadows Preserve (1100 acres) contains some of the largest and most diverse Blackland Prairie remnants in the state.  These easements have been restored by TNC. Read more…

Daphne Prairie:
922 acres near Mount Vernon, Franklin County
This property has been well managed for more than a century and contains intact prairie remnants (Silveus dropseed) and riparian woodlands. This historic family property is owned by B.F. Hicks, who generously shares it with NPAT and other conservation groups for training and research. Portions are hayed. Read more…

Drews Prairie:
4 acres near Riesel, Falls County
This is a tallgrass prairie remnant of the Blackland Prairie that has been maintained as a hay meadow by the Drews family. Read more…

Ebel Grassland Ranch:
482 acres near Sulphur Bluff, Hopkins County
Karl and Kelli Ebel conserve a rare Silveus dropseed prairie while successfully operating a sustainable goat and cattle ranch. Along with their sons, Christian and William, they have established a learning adventure in grassland ecology for local families. They manage their grasslands utilizing rotational grazing, prescribed burning, and trample planting. Read more…

Edmoore Creek (two contiguous easements):
392 acres near Mineola, Wood County
These are mitigation properties containing some grassland. Both are undergoing bottomland restoration. Located on Edmoore Creek.

Kirchoff Family Farm:
200 acres near Floresville, Wilson County
This is a working example of how landowners can restore native prairies, following many decades of row crop farming and cattle ranching. This property is on the southern end of the Blackland Prairie with some remnant Tamaulipan thornscrub. The Kirchoff siblings open up their property for workshops and monthly restoration workdays. The property is hayed and grazed (short term). Read more…

Lehmann Prairie:
11 acres near Riesel, Falls County
This is a tallgrass prairie remnant of the Blackland Prairie. Correne (Lehmann) Dragoo’s family conserved the family hay meadow for several generations. Read more…

Mezynski Prairie:
8 acres near Riesel, Falls County
This is Blackland site is being restored from cropland to high quality Blackland Prairie habitat containing the Little Bluesteam-Indiangrass-Big Bluestem series using seed hay from nearby sites. It is adjacent to Riesel Prairie and owned by the Mezynski family. Read more…

Nelson L. Weiting Prairie:
17 acres near Riesel, Falls County
This is a tallgrass prairie remnant of the Blackland Prairie that has been maintained as a hay meadow by the Weiting family for generations. Read more…

Simpson Prairie (Two contiguous easements):
75 acres near Valley Mills, McLennan County
This is a prairie remnant of the Grand Prairie (Lampasas Cut Plains of the Cross Timbers and Prairies) on a gently sloping hillside. Mike Williams purchased this overgrazed prairie and restored it. Mike works on prairie restoration at George and Laura Bush’s ranch in Crawford. Read more…

Russell Grasslands and Forest Preserve (2 Easements) 832 acres near Huntsville, San Jacinto County
This property contains several ecotypes found throughout east Texas including pocket prairies and Catahoula barrens surrounded by pine, hardwood, and bottomland forest. Read more…

Tanglewood Prairie:
31 acres near Lexington, Lee County
This site is a very good example of post oak savanna grassland. It is owned by Texas Land Conservancy. Read more…