North Texas Outreach & Stewardship

Dr. Aulicky leading a landowner workshop at Leo Ranch near Decatur, TX
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Prairie is the natural landscape of North Texas. Of the 20 million acres of tallgrass prairie that once existed in Texas, less than 1% remains. It is one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America. Due to rapid urban development, there is an urgent need for prairie conservation in North Texas. It is also home to our Fort Worth and Blackland (Dallas) Chapters. Raising local awareness is essential to saving the remaining native prairies and encouraging landowners to restore them.

In April 2021 Dr. Carly Aulicky was hired as NPAT’s first North Texas Outreach and Stewardship Director. Since then, Dr. Aulicky has been:

Dr. Carly Aulicky, NPAT North Texas Outreach and Stewardship Director.
  • working with rural landowners to inform and share resources so they can preserve and restore their grasslands;
  • reaching out to and educating the public about the remarkable beauty and benefits of native prairies;
  • connecting with educational institutions, service clubs, local governments, and conservation groups to raise awareness of native prairies, and
  • monitoring the health of the properties we own in North and Northeast Texas.

Carly completed her doctorate at Kansas State University in 2020. Her research focused on the lesser prairie chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus). She was also a Fulbright-University of Glasgow Postgraduate Scholar and conducted research in Ecuador.

Thanks to the Dixon Water Foundation and generous donors like you for launching the North Texas Outreach and Stewardship Program. We also are grateful to The Meadows Foundation for their capacity-building grant in January 2022 to continue funding the Program.

Together you are helping us expand our reach and save more Texas prairie. THANK YOU for your gift!

Tandy Hills Natural Area in Fort Worth. courtesy of NPAT member Suzanne Tuttle.