North Texas Outreach & Stewardship

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Prairie is the natural landscape of North Texas. Of the 20 million acres of tallgrass prairie that once existed in Texas, less than 1% remains, making it one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America. Due to rapid urbanization there is an urgent need for prairie conservation in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region. Raising local awareness is an important part of saving prairies.

A HUGE thank you to the Dixon Water Foundation for their challenge grant, and to all the donors who helped us make the match! NPAT has launched the North Texas Outreach and Stewardship Program, led by Dr. Carly Aulicky. Carly finished her doctorate at the USGS Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wild-life Research Unit at Kansas State University in 2020, where she was awarded Outstanding Unit Wildlife Student Award. Her research focused on the lesser prairie-chicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus), a species of grouse famous for elaborate male courtship displays. Carly was part of a collaborative effort across state and federal agencies to translocate and monitor lesser prairie-chickens in the sand sagebrush prairie of Kansas and Colorado.

This is home to our Fort Worth and Blackland (Dallas) Chapters as well as several hundred acres of prairie conservation land.

Tandy Hills Natural Area in Fort Worth. Courtesy of Suzanne Tuttle