North Texas Outreach & Stewardship Program

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North Texas Outreach & Stewardship Program

North Texas Giving Day
Help Us Raise Funds to Kickstart our North Texas Outreach & Stewardship Program.

Now more than ever, we need nature and the outdoors. For many of us, sheltering in place due to COVID-19 has heightened our appreciation for nature. Time outdoors brings us joyful experiences like hearing bird songs and discovering fields of colorful spring wildflowers. Now, more than ever, we recognize that nature sustains us. The Native Prairies Association of Texas works to preserve a historical, natural ecosystem of Texas: the native prairie.

Volunteers of The Fort Worth chapter of Native Prairies Association of Texas provide ample opportunities to visit prairies, learn their complexities, and spend time with prairie experts. Unfortunately, just within the city limits of Fort Worth, 50 acres a day are lost to development. Much of that acreage is prairie. Volunteers need help sharing the importance and beauty of prairies; and we need help preserving historic prairies of North Texas.

We currently seek to complete funding for the North Texas Outreach and Stewardship Program. This program will help advance NPAT’s conservation and restoration mission, thus protecting the natural ecosystem that sustains us now and in the future.

You can help. Donate through North Texas Giving Day.

Photo by Stalin SM (a Blackland chapter member of Native Prairies Association of Texas)