Night Wings Over the Prairie – Insect Life After Dark – Aug. 23 @ 6:45

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Join us for the August meeting 6:45pm to 8:00 pm. Red Cross Building @ 2700 Southwest Freeway.

As prairie lovers, you know a lot about prairie plants and their associated insect life during the daytime.  But how much do you know about insect nightlife?  Join us August 23 as we explore nocturnal insect species at three Houston-area prairies: Lawther-Deer Park Prairie, Nash Prairie Preserve, and Texas City Prairie Preserve.  Mary Spolyar will show us who comes to the light when the sun goes down.  From colorful micro leafhoppers (Typhlocybinae) to mantidflies (which are not flies!) and very long-horned beetles to fabulous sphinx moths, it’s a kaleidoscope of life in the prairie night.

Mary Spolyar is a Texas Master Naturalist in the Gulf Coast Chapter and a plant knowledge instructor for the Native Landscape Certification Program (NLCP) classes offered by the Native Plant Society of Texas Houston Chapter.  She enjoys volunteering for Houston Audubon’s Natives Nursery, for which she visits local prairie remnants to collect seeds and helps to grow out native plants.  A native Houstonian, she loves being outdoors, observing life and stalking small creatures with her cell phone camera.  You can find her on iNaturalist as “rednat”. 

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