Native Plant Herbal Workshop

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Saturday, July 16 from 11am – 2pm

This workshop will be held at Russell Farm in Burleson on Saturday, July 16 from 11 am – 2pm. Herbalist Christina Moon, will teach us how to incorporate herbs into your daily life. Christina will share this knowledge, some easy herbal collections, balms, oils, tinctures, bitters, and their uses.

We’ll start the day trying some coffee alternatives and talking about different herbs that are readily available to use as teas, tinctures, or added to recipes. We’ll also press some tinctures and make personalized tea blends to take home.

Make a day of it!

After the workshop, we’ve been invited to tour the historic Russell Farm, look through the art gallery, sit in on an art demonstration, and hike the back pasture. Russell Farm is an historic 30 acre farm operated by City of Burleson. The Russell-Boren house was built in 1877 and was the home of the Russell family for 135 years. The farm was donated to the City of Burleson in October 2011 by the Boren family for historical, art and agricultural/natural uses.

Russell Farm:

Pack snacks, lunch, water and your hiking boots!

Christina’s Bio

Christina has practiced herbalism for many years. She became interested while working as a Landscape Architect in Austin. She attend several herbal long-courses and learned the practical and medicinal use of native plants of Texas. Since moving to north Texas, Christina has expanded her knowledge to include prairie plants.