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More Prairie Time

We are very excited to hear that one of our long-time prairie heroes, Matt White has started a blog. Follow Matt and his thoughts and insights about the state of Texas prairies… His first post begins like this:

…Texas was clothed with grasses and decorated with beautiful wildflowers. Bouquets of them. Canvases of them. Hillsides of them. Landscape after landscape of them. We call them prairies—and they exist today in snippets of our imagination or in isolated pockets that bear little resemblance to their ancestors. Each year a few more slip away—silently as if in the dead of night—and almost no one notices or even cares. And when they go it’s like we’ve torn another chapter from the history book. Most are victims of a quixotic caprice coupled with a profound cultural lack of understanding about their significance. But mostly it’s money that destroys them.

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