Published on March 4, 2019 • Last updated on April 30th, 2019

Mezynski Prairie

Location: Falls County
Region: Blackland Prairie
Size: 7 acres
Ownership: Owned by the Mezynski family. 

Site Description

The Mezynski Prairie is a Blackland ecological site in the Blackland Prairie region of Texas that is being restored from cropland to high quality Blackland Prairie habitat containing the Little Bluesteam-Indiangrass- Big Bluestem series using seed hay from nearby sites. The restored prairie has substantial aesthetic, scientific, and educational character and value as a natural ecological resource in its present states as a natural area which could be subject to development or exploitation. Maintained in the current restored state, the tract will become an excellent model of the natural fertility, organic matter content, and tilth of native prairie soil which prompted early settlers in the area to recognize the potential as high producing cropland

Natural Habitat: Maintaining this tract in native prairie provides food and cover for many species of wildlife including but not limited to whitetail deer, small mammals, bobwhite quail, songbirds, and raptors; provides suitable host plants for pollinators and many insects that provide food for grassland birds.