It’s a Small World

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The Lawther-Deer Park Prairie Preserve is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations to photograph nature.  One of the big pluses is the fact that I can be there in about 6 minutes.  The prairie is located close to where I live.  It has so many different subjects I can capture in camera that I actually feel bad when I go longer than a week without shooting there.

I also realize what  a treasure the prairie is for our community of Deer Park.  We get to enjoy this through the hard work of the Houston chapter of the Native Prairie Association of Texas (HNPAT) members, and as a result of the Bayou Land Conservancy who spearheaded funding to purchase the site.

In this post, I highlight some flowers and insects I have seen and photographed over the last several weeks.  Many of these are smaller than 1″ in length or diameter.  Some are smaller, some are larger.  You have to look close to see many of them.  That means I am using macro and close-up lenses to try to fill the frame with my subject.  The best time to shoot is early morning, right at sunrise.  The wind is usually laying low as the sun comes up, and the light is a warm golden color.  As these photos also indicate, you can get them covered in dew to really make them stand out.


Prairie Gaillardia (Gaillardia aestivalis)


White Prairie Aster (Symphyotrichum falcatum)


Long-necked Seed Bug (Myodocha serripes)


Unidentified Damselfly