Finding prairies

Gayfeather photo by Matt White

How to spot a prairie

In his blog, More Prairie Time, Matt White invites all of us to look for native prairie remnants. Time is running out for some of these rare remnants as Texas cities expand into rural areas.

“There is no question that hidden remnants of unplowed prairie still remain, even in large urban areas, but especially out in the countryside. We need to challenge, and empower, as many prairie enthusiasts as possible to go hunt for them. If we don’t find them soon we likely never will.” –Matt White

Matt offers some advice to get started on the search. Read more…

Prairie Seekers

The Fort Worth Chapter of NPAT began a program called Prairie Seekers. The program taught participants how identify and map prairies, as well as document the findings. There are workshops planned in 2020. To learn more…

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