Find Native Grasslands Near You

Are you looking for a native grassland to visit in Texas? Looking to volunteer on a prairie near you? Please use the map below to find a nearby prairie or savanna near you!

Publicly Accessible Prairies Map

Clicking on the icon in the top left will open the legend, and complete list of publicly accessible prairies and savannas. To open a a new page with a larger version of the Texas Publicly Accessible Prairies map click the square frame symbol in the top right of the map. Otherwise, click and hold to explore native grasslands in Texas!

Native grasslands that are on public lands and open throughout the year are indicated in blue. Grasslands that are only open to the public for special events, tours, or volunteer days are indicated in red. Please follow all rules and laws and do not tresspass on private property!

Submit a Publicly Accessible Prairie

We are constantly updating the information desplayed on the publicly accessibile prairies map. If there is a publicly accessible prairie or savanna that is not included on our map, please let us know by filling out this brief questionaire! If you are submitting a site that is only open for volunteer days or special events, please be prepared to provide information about where folks can learn about opportunities to visit.

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