POSTPONED – Field trip to Amy Martin’s Osage Moon

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Due to the First Annual Texas Pollinator’s Pow Wow held on November 15th, we will be postponing the field trip to Osage Moon.

Amy Martin and Scooter Smith invite you to explore Osage Moon, an hour northeast of Dallas in Fannin County near Bonham. Three small parcels—a 1930 family homestead, a 22-acre horse farm, and an abandoned parcel of woods—were combined into 75 acres of wildlife habitat reclamation with 6 miles of trails.

For 20 years we’ve fostered prairies and battled invasives such as cedar/juniper, lespedeza and KR bluestem. Sometimes successfully! Sometimes not. We’d enjoy showing you what we’ve learned and hope to learn much from you as well.

Discover how tallgrass prairie resurrection efforts in a former Bermuda pasture compare to prairie in an abandoned pasture taken over by cedar infestation. See how chemical agriculture in a former cotton field impacted prairie resurrection efforts. Learn about the Texas program of converting family farms and ranches to wildlife habitat while retaining the deeply discounted ag tax rate. About 1 mile of hiking.

For woods aficionados, take an optional additional 1.5 mile hike into Osage Moon’s Back Forty: 40 acres abandoned since the late 1800s and overgrown with invasive trees. See how thinning an overgrown cedar elm forest rejuvenated the understory. Understand the stages of cedar/juniper infestation, its devastation of groundcover and understory, and impact on erosion. Visit the Secret Grove, where seeps allow hardwoods to keep cedar at bay. Take the Funky Trunk crossing to the Moonrise Meadow, where removing cedars enabled KR bluestem to gain the upper hand.

Fans of sustainable building will appreciate Osage Moon’s passive solar, high efficiency, concrete home designed by Gary Olp. You are invited to share a potluck lunch before hiking and discuss efforts to turn Fannin County into a nature destination and waterfowl corridor.

How to get to Osage Moon: 1626 CR 4135 Bonham TX 75418

  Amy: 214-797-2457
  Scooter: 214-797-2475


Click the Satellite box to see an overhead photo. We are the two parcels in the bend of the road, plus the big wooded block behind them. Dark green are cedar trees; green-grey are hardwoods in winter.

We are southwest of Bonham in Fannin County, about an hour northeast of Dallas, off of TX 121. Two ways to get to TX 121 from Dallas:

  1. Take TX 78 north out of Garland/etc. At the very end, do not turn right to Leonard; continue forward 1 mile to TX 121.
  2. Take US 75 to TX 121 just north of McKinney, through the town of Melissa.

Once on TX 121, continue through the traffic light at Desert and the big bridge at Trenton. Now you have 2 choices:

  • Exit in Randolph at TX 11; be aware that the exit is a little funky. Turn left/west on TX 11. Look for a big house and white fence on the left. Turn right/north just after it on FM 3297. When it ends at FM 898, turn right/east, go through a few steep curves and look for CR 4135 on your right. Turn right/east and go about 1 mile. Just after you cross McClung Creek, look for a small red barn and gate that says Osage Moon. ~ The rock road is straighter and shorter on this route, but the creek crossing can get boggy when it rains.  
  • Continue on TX 121 past Randolph and Edhube. Just after the RV park, look for CR 4120 on your left. Be very careful — TX 121 is fast! Use your left blinker at the RV park and look behind you for approaching cars before turning left. On CR 4120, continue through 2 sharp turns. When the road deadends, turn right and then left. Continue through a series of sharp turns and the road deadends again; turn right and then left. You are now on CR 4135. You may notice our street number on a mailbox in front of a brick house; do not stop there. Continue 1 mile until you see a large metal barn on the left. That is our property, but go a few hundred more yards to the next gate which says Osage Moon. ~ The rock road is longer and more crooked this route, but there is no creek crossing.
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