Fayette Prairie Chapter

Welcome to the Fayette Prairie Chapter of the Native Prairies Association of Texas! We’re glad you’re here. We’d love to see you at one of our events — check our calendar for the latest info.

The Fayette Prairie region — click map to view larger.

The Fayette Prairie is a blackland prairie separated from the larger Blackland Prairie to the west by Post Oak Savanah.

As with other NPAT chapters, our goal is to develop a local program of education, field trips, outreach, and cooperative efforts in conservation and restoration.   

Fayette Prairie Journal

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A growing collection of chapter talks.

Characteristic Flora of the Fayette Prairie and Post Oak Savanna
Jason Singhurst, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, "Characteristic Flora of the Fayette Prairie and Post Oak Savanna," May 11, 2021 ...
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Grassland Restoration Incentive Program, Oak and Prairies Joint Venture
Grassland Restoration Incentive Program: Getting a GRIP on Grassland Conservation
Jim Giocomo, Coordinator of the Oaks and Prairies Joint Venture, American Bird Conservancy, "Grassland Restoration Incentive Program: Getting a GRIP ...
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Prairies and the Importance of Fire
Bobby Eichler, Technical Guidance Biologist, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, presented "Prairies and the Importance of Fire," March 25, 2021 ...
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Prairie in Fayette County, Texas
Conserving the Fayette Prairie
David Bezanson, Associate Director of Land Protection for The Nature Conservancy in Texas, "Conserving the Fayette Prairie," January 20, 2021 ...
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