Donate Your Vehicle to NPAT

Donate your vehicle via CAREASY. Just complete your online registration, they will pick up the vehicle, handle the sale, send you your tax receipt and send NPAT a check.

About CARS

CARS, Charitable Adult Rides & Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in San Diego, CA. CARS provides nationwide services to 2,500+ nonprofit organizations; NPAT is happy to be one of them!  CARS developed their vehicle donation process for nonprofit organizations. Their mission is to support nonprofit organizations with the vision of expanding their fundraising efforts so that they can continue to provide additional revenue to these amazing nonprofit organizations. They provide exceptional customer service, maximize each donation, and create and distribute extensive marketing content to their partners to help promote their programs.

How to donate your vehicle and have the proceeds go to NPAT:

  1. Open NPAT’s page and see NPAT’s name and mission statement.
  2. Follow CARS’ process to donate your vehicle for NPAT’s benefit. 
  3. CARS provides written notifications, tax statement, and disburses funds and notifies NPAT of the transaction from the donation.

If you wish to speak with someone directly, please call CARS at: 1-855-500-7433.