Want to De-clutter? ….Think of us!

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We can use all types of equipment for Deer Park Prairie!  If you are throwing away things in the greater Houston area, be green and please contact us at [email protected] to see, if we might need it.

We started with an essentially empty house, after many volunteer hours of clean-up by Pat & Glenn Merkord, Judy Thomas, Nancy Taylor, Kirsti Harms, and Lan Shen. Pat and Glenn donated some beds and portable chairs and other furniture for the NPAT board meeting in June, in case board members would like to spend the night.  Lan donated a black sofa bed that her mother had been wanting to get rid of for ages.  NPAT purchased tables and folding chairs for the main room.

We could use:

guanti__e_pinzeAny gardening tools or equipmentThanks to a TPWD grant, we were able to purchase tools needed for invasive control. However, there are never too many garden tools because we have 54 acres of prairie to swallow them, no matter how careful we are! Pruners…loppers…saws…shovels…sharp shooters…gloves…

Janis Terry is donating a wheel barrow – thanks very much!  We can use more and/or garden wagons.

refridgeratorFor the house, we could really use a REFRIGERATOR, any size.

For an office area: File cabinet, desk, chairs, computer and periphernaliaThanks to CEC for offering to donate a flip board easel.

Others things:

timochkaVolunteers and material for finishing the upstairs rooms.  Even though we do not know the eventual destiny of this house, a quick, cheap spruce up of the upstairs rooms will allow them to be used for the time being. If someone likes doing this type of work, some paint and do-it-yourself flooring makes a world of difference.

Painting the outside will help us with our neighbors. 

All clipart are from openclipart.org.