The Annual Member Celebration

A Texas Prairie Celebration!
Join us on Saturday, September 21 for

A Texas Prairie Celebration!

This is our annual member meeting and includes a prairie tour and dinner at the Dixon Water Foundation’s Leo Ranch. Join us!

Spend an afternoon (1 to 5 p.m.) with NPAT exploring the Leo Ranch, which encompasses several hundred acres of native tallgrass prairie. Botanical experts Bill Carr and Lisa Bellows will lead the tour. The bottomlands were previously farmed and provide an excellent demonstration site for the restoration of farmland to prairie.

This working ranch is a Dixon Water Foundation property located in Cooke County about a half hour northeast of Decatur. More details and directions here…

Later (5 to 9 p.m.), we’ll gather at the ranch’s Clint Josey Pavilion, the first Living Building designated in Texas. It was designed to creates its own energy from the sun, collect water from its immediate environment, and create habitat for other species. It’s an integral part of the surrounding ecosystem. 

Dinner will feature Babe’s Chicken with vegetarian options, plus beverages and desserts. As the sun sets on this remarkable place, enjoy updates on NPAT’s accomplishments from the year and our plans for the future. Join us for a rare and fun chance to mingle with other prairie enthusiasts. 

Registration is now closed. For those who registered, see you on Saturday!