Authors Visit Deer Park Prairie

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Within eight days at the end of May two authors visited Deer Park Prairie! At our members day on May 19, Joe Liggio (center in photo below), author of Wild Orchids of Texas, talked about orchids in Texas.

Then a week later, Michael Eason, author of Wildflowers of Texas and his dog, Ferdinand von Roemer, visited during our fourth Saturday workday. (Photo: Michael, Roemer, and Kelly Walker, Superwoman Volunteer.)

For those who do not recognize the name, Ferdinand von Roemer was also the German explorer who visited Texas in 1845-1847 and wrote this:

“…Years ago, three live oaks  standing near the center, the only trees on the island, served mariners as a guide to the entrance of Galvestion Bay…The general appearance of the island reminds one of a prairie.  Tall grass covers the flat surface as far as the eye can see…There are no trees found on the island except the three live oaks mentioned previously…”

Michael said that his Roemer has also traveled extensively across Texas.

In the past other authors that have visited Texas include Texas Park and Wildlife Department’s Jason Singhurst, co-author of Rare Plants of Texas and TPWD’s Diana Foss, a co-author of Texas Wildscapes: Gardening for Wildlife