June 3, 2017 -  Central TX Prairies Tour!!

Saturday, June 3, 2017



Blackland NPAT Chapter’s 2nd Annual Texas Prairies Tour!

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Our Northeast Texas Prairies Tour was so much fun last year, we’re doing it again!
We have plans to visit several prairies in Central Texas (NPAT will provide maps and notes on each prairie.)  We have reserved a bus and will DEPART the parking lot of the Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, 75218 AT 7 AM!

Individuals from Central TX who register and will tour in their own vehicles, will be sent “meet-up” information so you can make your plans!

ENJOY short excursions in beautiful grasslands; most of which are not generally open to the public!
A chance to STAND IN AWE in a native prairie as it was before westward expansion.
We’ll also LEARN about native prairie restorations and management.
BECOME INSPIRED on how to keep native prairies thriving for generations to come! 

We’ll zip southward to visit a prairie near Temple (halfway between Waco and Austin). After lunch in Salado, we’ll drive further south to near Taylor (west of Round Rock). Heading back north, we’ll go to Marlin (SE of Waco), where we’ll visit a series of small Blackland Prairies. Then we’ll travel west of Waco to tour an example of a grand prairie. We’ll head north toward home and stop in West, TX for dinner. Our final leg will end where we began EARLIER that morning, Bath House Cultural Center. 

Spring 2017— has gotten off to a great start!

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NPAT Board of Directors and Staff


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