Paul Mathews Prairie is now a “Protected Property”

Your generous donations SAVED Paul Mathews Prairie!

Well done!

NPAT and The Nature Conservancy of Texas are now the

stewards of (what was once named) ‘Paul’s Prairie’.

We’ve received over $50,000 in 107 days (August 1 to November 15, 2017)!
Your generosity surpassed all expectations; you’ve broken NPAT’s fundraising record!
(The exact total will be posted as soon as we have accounted for each pledge and donation.) 
One thing is certain: NPAT is now in the position to purchase, protect, and sustain Paul Mathews Prairie, its native grasslands and inter-related habitats!
Please monitor Chapters pages - for ‘celebration party’ plans!

We envision many exciting learning opportunities ‘about prairies’ will be enjoyed ‘on’ the Paul Mathews Prairie: field trips, workshops, presentations, and volunteer opportunities.

Skipper Butterfly on Liatris on Paul Mathews Prairie
photo by Pat Merkord

NPAT and The Nature Conservancy of Texas will work together to ensure the prairie’s protected: there will be NO agricultural, commercial or industrial activity; nor any disturbance in the natural habitat; no trapping, hunting, or excavating
Here are a few words we’ve read recently describing Paul Mathews Prairie: rare, vibrant, pristine, diverse, of ecological value; worth saving; aesthetic, scenic & recreational resource; “formerly imperiled habitat!”

These Mathews Prairie photos (the leading photo and those below) are provided courtesy of the Fort Worth NPAT Chapter!

This prairie will certainly be the site of many future PRAIRIE WALKS, EDUCATIONAL TOURS,  SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, and SURVEYS (of its abounding flora and fauna: Gamagrass, switchgrass, other plants, recording its value as a healthy Blackland prairie habitat for a variety of wildlife). 


“Thank You!”

It is with sincere appreciation and humble gratitude that NPAT says ‘thank you’ to each and every donor and member! In addition to making your own financial contribution, you ‘spread the word’, ‘championed our cause’.  You encouraged people to add their individual strength and focus our collective efforts to save this beautiful prairie from destruction and ruin, from loss of wildlife habitat, from erosion and annihilation. It is a personal challenge to solicit funds during uncertain financial times; but focus, determination, and dedication paid off! This particular fundraising campaign proved an “opportunity” as our collective focus and determination brought out the best of each of us and made NPAT stronger than before! 

Thanks to NPAT members for planning chapter activities, prairie tours (including Paul Mathews Prairie itself), a bus tour to Caddo-LBJ National Grasslands and Marker Winery, blog postings, videos, telephone appeals, our Executive Director’s letter of appeal, presentations to other organizations (who made very generous donations); the list continues!

We are appreciative to everyone and are extremely honored by your overwhelming support, 
NPAT Board (Barbara Keller-Willy, President; David Bezanson, Secretary; Doug Neaves, Treasurer; Kirsti Harms, Past President; Jason Spangler, Past President and Past Treasurer; Michelle Villafranca, Don Kirchoff, Lan Shen, and Jason Singhurst);
NPAT Staff (Pat Merkord, Executive Director; Phillip Quast, Program Director; and Pat Rinn, Office Administrator);
and NPAT’s Dedicated Chapter Members /Volunteers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Georgetown (“CenTex”), San Antonio, and Austin (“Balcones”).



Schedules of upcoming “Seed Bomb”, field trips, conferences, and more - on our News & Events and Chapter pages.


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We are very grateful!

We join our NPAT Chapters in expressing our sincere gratitude to our members and supporters, and our partners and affiliate organizations, especially at this time of year.

We will publish ‘end of year’ reflections, but for now, at this time of Thanksgiving, we are focusing on the amazing support NPAT has received. 
We are aware you have opportunities to contribute to a vast number of admirable causes, through your volunteer efforts and financial assistance. Thank you for sharing your support with NPAT!

NPAT’s most recent cause was to raise funds for the Paul Mathews Prairie, which is no longer threatened. We acknowledge the charitable donors who literally facilitating ‘saving this prairie’. 

You’ll see activities posted for the remaining weeks of this calendar year; don’t let the momentum slow down!  We encourage you to get out and enjoy a prairie or gather with like-minded individuals for ‘indoor’ celebrations, meetings, and learning opportunities.

We wish everyone a very safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. 
NPAT Board of Directors and Staff

Photo: Brian & Shirley Loflin

“Education is power”,

and sharing our knowledge of and experiences in our Texas Prairies can be contagious!  You can have a positive role in sustaining NPAT’s mission through education

What is a Prairie?

Download “What is a Prairie?” share and enjoy! Pat Merkord, our Executive Director, prepared this short presentation in .pdf format. There’s no time like NOW to expand someone’s knowledge. Teachers, parents, neighbors, volunteers, and anyone else may be “a prairie ambassador” by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm and imparting knowledge of the immense VALUE grasslands and savanahs have in Texas! 

Did you know? “Today’s prairies are disappearing even faster than Amazon rainforests.”

Your support enables us to reach many goals and define new ones!
-NPAT could not operate without the help we receive from every single volunteer, donor, and advocate! You are the heart and soul of our mission.
Our collective efforts remind us of what’s really important.
-As an NPAT supporter, you are in ‘good company’; The Texas Land Trust Council is a collaboration of more than 30 Texas land trusts (including NPAT) supporting excellence throughout the Texas land trust community via collaboration, education and outreach. Land Trusts within each Texas region, Panhandle Plains, Prairies and Lakes, Pineywoods, Gulf Coast, South Texas Plains, Hill Country and Big Bend Country, face challenges unique to each area and strive to conserve the native lands, wildlife and waterways of Texas for future Texans!
-Come along and join us in support of our VALUABLE TEXAS PRAIRIES! NPAT is excited to educate young and old about the values of our prairies, encourage environmental preservation, and enjoy the abundance of native flora and fauna!
-From NPAT’s Mission: ‘We educate Texans about native prairies, plant communities, grassland birds, wildlife and sustainable land-use practices.’



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