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Thursday, Jan 03, 2019

We continue to share our year-end collection of photos graciously offered by several NPAT photographers who provided a variety of images throughout the day and evening.

Our thanks to Denise Costello, Amy Martin, Ann Sansome, and Anne Weis. Your photos will all be posted soon - for posterity!

We met around 1pm in Floyd, TX at a parking lot located directly across from the Paul Mathews Prairie. 
Brandon Belcher, with The Nature Conservancy who holds the conservation easement, had graciously mowed a narrow trail for us to follow into the very center of this prairie.
A thunderstorm had passed through the area the night before leaving very cool and clear conditions as well as a bit of brisk wind.  Light jackets were just what we needed to feel comfortable, and rubber boots were a good idea! 
The rain left the ground a bit soggy, but the prairie grasses absorbed most of it so you didn’t really sink. 
It was amazing to see the prairie’s many galgai. Everyone had to watch our steps!  You couldn’t gaze across the prairie without first securing your footing!

It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.  Despite the fact the vegetation had frozen a month before leaving everything brown, each species was a different shade of brown.  You could recognize plants: Maximilian sunflower, bushy bluestem, beebalm, sedges, and more that made a striking bouquet!

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