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PLEASE RSVP by NOON Friday, May 18, 2018San Antonio NPAT’s 3rd Saturday Prairie Restoration Workday Kirchoff Family FarmOpen this LINK - Sign Up…

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The long-awaited rescheduled presentation by Jim Blackburn, the “Texas Coastal Exchange”! Houston NPAT Chapter’s Monthly ProgramArrive @ 6:30 pm, Wednesday’ presentation begins @7:00pm! The Texas…

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Maddin Prairie Breeding Bird SurveyMaddin Prairie Preserve near Colorado City Saturday and Sunday, from dawn to dusk. We’ll be conducting bird surveys and making other…

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Have You Watched Pollinators? by Barbara Keller-Willy

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017

Have you stopped not only to smell a flower but to watch a pollinator extracting nectar from a flower?
Thanks “Strands Prairie - Follet Island,”
for allowing us to refresh our minds in your beauty and wonder!

Gratitude and photos contributed by NPAT’s Board President, Barbara Keller-Willy

Report from Executive Director, Pat Merkord

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017

Executive Director’s Report on the Second Annual Prairie Tour, June 3, 2017  

Sponsored and Planned by NPAT’s Blackland Chapter,

Led by their President, Leigh Ann Ellis!

There were about 50 attendees, about 35 rode on the bus, and the rest, who followed in vehicles, came from Central and South Texas.
The bus departed from Dallas in pouring down rain!
But - it cleared for a beautiful day’s visit to Burleson Prairie. The owner of Burleson led the tour with information gained over many years of restoration efforts by Mickey and Bob Burleson. The prairie was beautiful with many species blooming and grasses waving in the morning breeze. It was a memorable visit.
We next headed to Salado for a fabulous lunch.
Then headed to Granger Lake to look at restoration efforts there and a discussion of the difficulty of maintaining restoration efforts. Visitors got to see large growths of Eastern Gama Grass and aggressive growth of Alamo Switchgrass.

After leaving Granger, the rain fell in torrents, and for a while we wondered if we would have to end the tour. We stopped for a rest at a gas station, discussed the situation; since it appeared that the weather might give us a break—

We decided NOT to go to NPAT’s Reisel Prairie but took advantage of being near a world-famous outdoor research facility, Agricultural Research Service (“ARS”), a.k.a., Reisel Watersheds.  “ARS’, is the chief scientific research agency of the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Grassland, Soil and Water Research Laboratory; the facility is commonly known as the Riesel Watersheds. (Established in 1937 as the Blacklands Experimental Watershed. It is operated by ARS in cooperation with Texas AgriLIFE Research.)  Visitors from across the United States and around the world come to Riesel Watersheds to see the research site! Because water supply shortage, flood occurrence, and water quality degradation will increasingly affect the environment and future generations, watershed-based studies continue to be needed to solve these problems. It was agreed we should hold another field trip for a more in depth look at this valuable prairie and research site.
The ‘frosting on the cake’ of our tour was our visit to Simpson Prairie, one of NPAT’s easements near Crawford, Texas. The storm clouds on the horizon with rays of sunshine coming out after an afternoon of rain lit up the colors of the prairie and we all took our fill of prairie pictures.
It was a great end to a delightful day!

Congratulations, Blackland NPAT Chapter!

This Chapter, under the direction Leigh Ann Ellis, provided a delightful and very well attended Prairie Tour to Central Texas Prairies!
We all got to meet many new people to the prairie community and were inspired by comments from all on their enthusiasm and support for our Texas Prairies.


Blackland Chapter’s 2nd Annual Prairies Tour - June 3, 2017

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017

June 16, 2017 Account by Pat Merkord (including various photos received by that date).

The bus departed from Dallas in pouring down rain!
But - it cleared for a beautiful day’s visit to Burleson Prairie;
next to Salado for a fabulous lunch.  From there we drove to Granger Lake
Then the rain fell in torrents, and for a while we wondered if we would have to end the tour.  So, we stopped for a rest at a gas station and discussed the situation. 
Then it appeared the weather might give us a break
—we decided to head on to .... USDA’s Riesel Watershed (“ARS”),
and the tour ended with a visit to Simpson Prairie with storm clouds on the horizon and rays of sunshine coming out after an afternoon of rain; it lit up the colors of the prairie, and we all took our fill of prairie pictures! It was a great end to a delightful day!  Pat Merkord, Executive Director, NPAT

Beautiful Simpson Prairie! (Photo by Stalin SM)

Diane Weatherbee

Burleson Prairie

A ‘loaded’ pollinator, Granger Lake Prairie

Downy Paintbrush, Simpson Prairie


Imelda Haley

Walking Stick

Field of Flowers



Kelly Walker

Crab Spider enjoying Mexican Hat

Reisel Watersheds

Reisel Watersheds


Kerry Newberry

False Gaura on Burleson Prairie

Skullcap on Simpson

Eastern Gamagrass-Lehmann


Stalin SM

Milkweed Seed Pods

Diving for Pollin


Terri White

Colorful Mix

Eastern Gamagrass



Amy Martin

USDA Reisel Watershed

Photos - June 3, 2017 -  2nd Annual Texas Prairies Tour!

Monday, Jun 05, 2017


“it never rained on us at any prairie stop. Prairie Power!”

This VAST PRAIRIE!  Tourists enjoying the wide open spaces and studying pollinators closely!

Our first photos were submitted by Terri White!  Thanks, Terri!
Touring a Central Texas Prairie, June 3, 2017:                                                     

Here’s a close-up of ‘Eastern Gammagrass’!

Bumble Bee enjoying Texas Thistle



These photos were submitted by Diane Weatherbee!  Thank you, Diane!

Touring Burleson Prairie: 

Flowers found on Burleson Prairie:

Azure or Blue Sage - Salvia azureaem               Purple Prairie Clover – Petalostemum pulcherrimum               

TXSER-“Call for Abstracts” (Deadline Extended to 10-07-2017)

Thursday, Jun 01, 2017

TXSER 2017 Annual Conference: “Resilience & Connectivity at Our Roots”

“Call for Abstracts”

Abstracts are Due: SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

Abstract Submission 


The 2017 Annual Conference of the Texas Society for Ecological Restoration
will be held
November 10-12, 2017
at the University of North Texas in Denton, TX

We invite submissions for presentations and posters on any topic related to restoration, management, or conservation of natural areas in Texas and beyond, in either rural or urban settings. 

Presentations: plan for a 15 minute presentation & 5 minutes for questions
Posters Dimensions:  maximum size 44” tall by 46” wide
Abstracts should be sent as an MS Word document to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at:  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
All authors will be notified of the status of the acceptance of their abstracts by Friday, October 6, 2017.

Please include with your abstract submission the information below.
Abstract (not to exceed 250 words)
Authors (format - Lyons, K., Pendleton, R.,...  Please add an asterisk before the last name of the presenting author.)
Authors’ affiliations
Preferred presentation type (Talk or Poster)
E-Mail and phone number for presenting author
Indicate if you would like to be considered for a best graduate or undergraduate student presentation or poster award
Student Awards for Presentations & Posters:
We offer 4 student awards - graduate and undergraduate presentations and graduate and undergraduate posters
Please understand that we must have at least 3 individuals in each category to offer the award. (See the Student Poster & Presentation Awards Page on our conference website for more details)


We are loading conference information on our website every day!! 
Please Check it regularly for updates!!
Please Share!


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