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Monthly eNewsletter:

March, 2017, we emailed the Texas Prairie Blaze, our first monthly eNewsletter, promoting “PRAIRIE CONSERVATION AWARENESS”.
February, 2018, we introduced a new format with valuable information and photos gathered during tours of NPAT prairies. We also selected a single NPAT prairie each month as our ‘PRAIRIE OF THE MONTH’ and introduced readers to one specific ‘native grass’, ‘wildflower’, ‘bird’/other animal we surveyed on that ‘prairie of the month’. We also added a ‘book of the month’ (or article) which we felt supported prairie conservation. (We had material for several months; NPAT is fortunate to have several viable prairies worthy of being featured in this manner!)
We continue to strive to improve our presentation and delivery of valuable information for each reader to learn from and share, whether via mobile device or laptop computer.
September, 2018, marks our 3rd revision to improve content and format. We highlight activities of interest within NPAT’s chapters and partners in the native prairie world: workshops, conferences, ‘prairie days’, etc. We will no longer feature a specific “NPAT Prairie” (or native grass, wildflower, bird, other animal, or publication); those editions will be available for viewing on Our Blog.
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Periodic Printed Newsletter:

Fall, 2005Our first periodic newsletter, the “Prairie Dog”, was printed and mailed.
It was renamed “Texas Prairie News” and distributed in Winter, 2016.
Kirsti Harms revived it, and we are proud our Texas Prairie News, Summer-Fall, 2018 was mailed in mid-August, 2018, to those on NPAT’s mailing list! Thank you Kirsti for taking on this task and producing such a beautiful product!
This ‘hard-copy’ printed publication includes detailed commentary on NPAT’s goals, recent accomplishments, newsworthy subjects, and ‘hands-on’ workshops (recent and future). Events planned by each NPAT Chapter are included. We respectfully acknowledge significant donations generously made by so many of you in support of our mission. Our thanks to you, each donor and member, fellow partner and affiliate, for sustaining our work and recognizing the value and magnitude of our mission.
We have archived each of these publications.
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NOTE: There will be occassions when articles have been removed because online distribution is not permitted by the author.

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