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The American Prairie Conference occurs every other year. It hasn’t been held in Texas for 30 years!Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase

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HNPAT Program Meeting Wednesday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm “Inspiring Through Education at Lawther Deer Park Prairie”(NPAT photo: a couple walking Lawther…

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2019 TLC CONFERENCE • Conservation Related Policy Issues • Conservation Easements & Private Land Conservation • Opportunities to…

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Prairie Facts

January, 2018 at Houston NPAT

Winter Duldrums Got You Down?

Details of these Houston NPAT events on their website!

January 27, 2018 at 7:30 am – 8:30 am

Bird Survey at Deer Park Prairie

January 27, 2018 at 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Deer Park Prairie Workday & Prairie Open to visitors

January 8, 2018 - Fort Worth, TX - NEW LOCATION

MONDAY, 6:30pm – 8pm

Fort Worth NPAT Chapter Meeting

“A Year in Review: Our Accomplishments of 2017”

This is our first meeting in our new meet-up location:
5301 Campus Drive in Fort Worth:
Tarrant County College – South Campus
Center for Excellence in Energy Technology
(You’ll recognize this LEED certified building by its wind turbine.) 

January 9, 2018 - Dallas, TX

Tuesday, 6:30 to 8 pm

Blackland Chapter Monthly Meeting

Location: The Point and Pavilion at C.C. Young Senior Living, Flag Pole Classroom, 4847 W Lawther (between Mockingbird & E Northwest Hwy.)
Pat Merkord, Executive Director of NPAT, will:
deliver information she gleaned from talks and describe field trips at America’s Grassland Conference, December, 2017, in Fort Worth.
catch us up on Mathews Prairie,
discuss some of the issues in the Texas Legislature, and
present other NPAT news updates!

Update on Paul Mathews Prairie - End of Year, 2017

From Pat Merkord, our Executive Director

Our sincerest thanks to our prairie chapters for your dedication and support in obtaining funds for Paul Matthews Prairie – it could not have been done without their great efforts!

This project was a galvanizing event for our chapters and members!
Many have expressed their senses of accomplishment in having raised the funds and contributing in the effort in many successful ways.
Many members expressed satisfaction with this purchase because they felt ‘saving prairies’ was the main reason they joined NPAT. They were glad to participate in a successful project! 
Some were already asking what the NEXT PROJECT will be!!

We are so grateful for ALL THE CHAPTERS AND MEMBERS’ efforts in the fundraising efforts for this project.  We want to acknowledge and recognize the excellent jobs they did in support of this project!

Our chapters are growing and are looking forward to 2018!  We are very proud and grateful to all our chapters and THEIR HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION in accomplishing so many goals!

Pat Merkord,
NPAT Executive Director

REPORT: January 2, 2018 - San Antonio NPAT Chapter “2018 Kickoff”

SA NPAT Chapter kicked off the new year with their meeting on January 2, 2018!

They welcomed Lee Marlowe, Sustainable Landscape Ecologist, and Justin Krobot, Landscape Superintendent, from the San Antonio River Authority (SARA). Their presentation was a great start, and we appreciate hearing from the San Antonio River Authority and look forward to welcoming them to future meetings and activities. Ms. Marlowe’s and Mr. Krobot’s presentation and discussion with SA NPAT focused on these aspects of the San Antonio River Authority MISSION REACH Ecosystem Restoration Project:



Beneficial outcomes for grassland birds, Monarchs, and other wildlife;
Challenges & lessons learned as part of the restoration;

Adaptive management strategies;
How the prairie is part of a mosaic of habitats being restored; and
How restoration benefits the urban river ecosystem.

Photos by Don Kirchoff.

SARA’s #WatershedWise Volunteer Gardener Program!

#WatershedWise Volunteer Gardener Program’s Application Deadline - Friday, January 26, 2018

We posted our report on NPAT’s San Antonio Chapter’s first 2018 monthly meeting January 2, 2018, when we welcomed representatives from San Antonio River Authority!
Ms. Lee Marlowe, Sustainable Landscape Ecologist, and Mr. Justin Krobot, Landscape Superintendent, focused on many vital aspects of the MISSION REACH Ecosystem Restoration Project.  We gratefully extend an ‘open invitation’ to SARA to return and educate us on the extremely diverse, beneficial, and relevant work they are doing. The MISSION REACH project covers a vast amount of information, too much to adequately discuss in a single gathering.

Learn more about your San Antonio River Watershed and
SARA’s #WatershedWise Volunteer Gardener Initiative

NPAT encourages you to explore SARA’s website for all the details; download and submit your application: #WatershedWise Volunteer Gardener Initiative! This is a great opportunity!
The #Watershed Wise Volunteer Gardener Initiative is designed to increase the knowledge, enthusiasm, and stewardship of citizens along the San Antonio River Watershed (see map below of San Antonio River Watershed). 
It builds upon existing knowledge and appreciation for the river as well as sustainable practices.
Volunteers tend plants alongside SARA’s Sustainable Landscape staff, introduce visitors to the river’s history, help out at special events, and provide various types of other support.
Qualified participants will take part in three monthly sessions on Feb. 1, March 1 and April 5 (from 9 am to noon) to learn how to independently manage garden beds maintained by SARA along the San Antonio River.
Learn hands-on from SARA’s team and earn volunteer hours on your own schedule! 
Volunteers will be ambassadors to the general public on behalf of SARA, and as such, must be knowledgeable, professional, and courteous in their dealings with others.

(Refer to Page 5 of this pdf for a larger image:  “San Antonio River Watershed Creek Book, A Guide to Healthy Creeks and Rivers”.)

Dedicated Volunteers - MultiTaskers

What do these NPAT members have in common?

Kim Conrow, Fort Worth, Susan Gregory, Dallas; Bill Hopkins, Fort Worth; Linda Knowles, Houston; Martha Peet, Fort Worth; Steve Schwartzman, Austin; Jason Singhurst, Austin; Suzanne Tuttle, Fort Worth…

They are just a few of many of you, our dedicated individuals who are ‘MULTI-TASKERS’!

Each of these individuals also dedicates time, energy and expertise to another of our ‘partners in conservation’, NPSOT, a.k.a. Native Plant Society of Texas. 
Be sure your open the link below where you can subscribe and receive the NPSOT News, their quarterly magazine containing articles about native plants and plant habitats, as well as information about the society and its activities: check out this link!  The NPSOT News, Vol. 36 No 1|Winter edition includes some SPECTACULAR photographs and informative articles well worth our time. Be transported to vast and colorful Big Bend National Park! (We thought our Central and North Texas snow pic’s were great… wait until you see theirs!) 
And, thank you, to all our NPAT Multi-Taskers
We non-profit organizations could not operate without your dedication!

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