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Restoration Work at Maddin Prairie

NPAT has set a goal as land conservationists to ‘do some restoration work’ on one of our properties, Maddin Prairie Preserve. Please consider making your donation to fund our project: RESTORE 470+ acres for pollinators and other wildlife at Maddin:
The restoration of grasslands is an important step in the creation of habitat for pollinators.
When the Maddin Prairie Preserve was donated to NPAT, most of the fields were still planted with sorghum and other row crops.
These crops were removed and the pastures were planted with a seed mix of approximately 30 different native plant species.
21 years later these grassland areas are thriving.
NPAT would like to interseed these areas with additional forbs to increase the diversity (Included in the seed mix would be many plants that pollinators could utilize once the plants are established.)
Interested in learning more? Visit our Maddin Prairie Preserve website.


RESTORING Pollinator Diversity on NPAT Prairies;
PRESERVING historic Texas Pollinator Habitat;
GETTING MOVING on health programs on NPAT Prairies;
MAINTAINING Prairies for Pollinators;
MONITORING Pollinator Diversity on NPAT Prairies;
EDUCATING about pollinators on NPAT Prairies, and
ACQUIRING NPAT Prairies for Pollinators.
We remain focused on the dedication of the Texans who founded NPAT in 1986. They were concerned about our disappearing prairie heritage, especially the endangered tallgrass prairies of Texas. Many don’t really think of Texas as a prairie state, but 3/4 of Texas was once PRAIRIE & SAVANNA!



PROTECT YOURSELF from FLEAS, TICKS & MOSQUITOES with insect repellant, wear light colored clothing, long sleeve shirt; long pants (tie a band around your pant cuff helps diminish tick bites), wear a hat and closed-toe shoes or boots. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND PACE YOURSELF! Remember your CAMERAS and BINOCULARS!


It is a privilege to tour a prairie!

It can be a ‘system-overload’ to the senses of sight, touch, smell, and sound! You also should prepare yourself for your perspective to be widened as you experience the vitality and recognize how necessary it is that these sensitive HABITATS are RESTORED & SUSTAINED!  WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN GET THIS DONE! It can be a CHALLENGING UNDERTAKING! Knowing we have your support encourages us to continue our mission!
Our June 16, 2018 Prairies and More Bus Tour was definitely enjoyed by each person who attended (inspite of the heat)!  Visit Our Blog for the amazing collection of photographs submitted by many of the participants!



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Locating, Collecting, and Propgating Native Seeds


Monthly Meeting, Tuesday,

August 8, 2018

Cleve Powell, Irrigation Consultant with the San Antonio River Authority, delivered his presentation to fellow SANPAT members.
It included informative photo documentation of every step he takes during the process, beginning with locating remnant stands of native species to growing plants in a home garden, living roof, residential landscape, or restoration site.
He discussed how to identify species, determine when they are ready for collection, process, store, germinate, plant, care for, and finally transplant seedlings to the desired location.
Attendees left the meeting eager and ready to attempt native plant propagation on their own.
Thanks to Cleve Powell for an excellent presentation,
Don Kirchoff, on behalf of fellow NPAT Board Members and NPAT Staff
SANPAT meets the second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 – 8:30 at Lions Field Adult & Senior Center, 2809 Broadway Street, San Antonio, Texas 78209
All are welcome ( no landownership required)!

(Logo display authorized by Shell Oil Co.)

Shell Oil Company

recognizes the significance of prairie conservation through educational opportunities. The company bestowed a grant to benefit individuals in their own backyard, the city of Deer Park, TX, home to one of Shell’s largest facilities!

Lan Shen observing DPP from view deck, 11/2017


Shell’s $68K Grant was awarded to NPAT designated for a new position, Director of Education, at Deer Park Prairie! This generous jesture is benefitting many local teachers and students! NPAT selected Della Barbato to serve in this new position in April, 2018. Ms. Barbato has been developing an educational program including: student activities, training teachers to teach the prairie, and facilitating a strong partnership with local school districts, businesses and other NGO’s in the Greater Houston Area!  She is developing a grassland biome curriculum which will include demonstration trunks and activities she will present to classes in local schools.

Della has previously served as Education Director for two environmental non-profits, is a Master Naturalist, and is a board trustee for the Citizens Environmental Coalition.  In 2014 Della was awarded a travel grant to Cambodia where she co-facilitated several zero waste and recycling workshops in a community-based ecotourism village. She is a former Montessori middle school science teacher and seed biology technician.