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The American Prairie Conference occurs every other year. It hasn’t been held in Texas for 30 years!Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase

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HNPAT Program Meeting Wednesday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm “Inspiring Through Education at Lawther Deer Park Prairie”(NPAT photo: a couple walking Lawther…

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2019 TLC CONFERENCE • Conservation Related Policy Issues • Conservation Easements & Private Land Conservation • Opportunities to…

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Prairie Facts

Web Links


Prairie Coalition Action Network
A loose national prairie coalition has been formed which keeps a list of volunteer contacts and e-mails them alerts about legislation and government activities relating to prairie conservation. The founding members are prairie activists from Iowa, Texas, and Missouri. Coalition members are provided brief descriptions of the issue of concern and asked to e-mail or fax the pertinent agency (or government representative) with their comments. If you would like to be on the list, please email Lee Stone or Cindy Hildebrand.

Teaming with Wildlife
Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Red Lodge ClearingHouse
A “natural resource collaborative site”, with information and advice regarding everything from grantwriting to government legislation.

Announcement List

NPAT announcement list.
This list is a moderated, low traffic mailing list for announcements of NPAT field trips, conferences, meetings, and volunteer activities.You can send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by going to the mailing list web page at

Discussion Groups

Texas Native Plant and Prairie email discussion group
Shared by the Native Plant Society of Texas and NPAT:

National Prairie email discussion group
Send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the text “subscribe prairie” or visit the archived emails at


An informational resource for all things regarding tallgrass prairie. Based in Missouri but useful information for prairie restorationists.

Texas Brigades
A wildlife and habitat-focused development program for high-school students.


Horned Lizard Conservation Society

Mexican Wolf Recovery Program

International Crane Foundation

Sutton Avian Research Center
Promoting the study and conservation of lesser and greater prairie chickens; based in Oklahoma.

Texas Bluebird Society

Texas Endangered Species List
Information on endangered and threatened species in Texas.


Software, discussion groups, and online modeling of wildland fire management.


Center for Invasive Plant Management

Center for Plant Conservation
Includes extensive restoration information regarding North American flora, an endangered plant database, and an excellent set of internet site links.

Digital Flora of Texas
Includes herbarium sample information, pictures, and much more.

A worldwide flora catalog that includes the flora of North America.

Illustrated Flora of North-Central Texas
The full text online. Also includes information for purchasing the book.

Invasive Species
Information about all aspects of invasive plant species in North America.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
Includes an extensive plant database with photos.

National Biological Information Infrastructure
A nationwide database, especially of interest is the Invasive plants list.

Seeds of Texas Exchange

S.M. Tracy Herbarium
Maps, plant information, and more.

USDA NRCS Plant Materials Program

Geology and Soils

USDA NRCS / NCSS Soil Surveys
Online soil surveys - enter a location and see aerial photos with detailed soil type information.

Heritage and History

The Texas Legacy Project
Includes interviews and transcripts with Texas naturalists and restorationists.


Prairie Sun
A great collection of photos from the Midwest.


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie
Information on this large-acreage Illinois prairie-in-progress.

Prairie Directory of North America
Information for purchasing a comprehensive listing of prairie sites throughout North America.

Private Conservation Organizations

Cajun Prairie Preservation Society

Center for Plant Conservation

Iowa Prairie Network
Information on the preservation, restoration, and celebration of tall grass prairie in Iowa.

The Prairie Enthusiasts

Save the Prairie Society
Wolf Road Prairie (Chicago, IL)

Missouri Prairie Foundation
Information on the preservation, restoration, and celebration of tall grass prairie in Missouri.

Katy Prairie Conservancy
Katy Prairie represents one of the last sizable areas of Texas coastal prairie.

Natural Areas Association

National Audubon Society
Especially see the Nebraska Chapter and their efforts with prairies.

Private Landowner Information

Gateway to TPWD Private Lands Information
This is an excellent starting point for Texas landowners. The information and sites listed below can also be accessed from this point.

Natural Resource Conservation Programs and Services for Texas Landowners
The new comprehensive guide for Texas landowners.

Wildlife Tax Exemptions
Information regarding agricultural property tax conversion for wildlife management.


Native Plants Journal
The Practical Journal for Growing and Planting North American Endemics for Conservation, Landscaping, Reforestation, and Restoration. This semi-annual paper and electronic journal will provide technical and practical information on the growing of native plants for restoration, conservation, reforestation, and landscaping.  The inaugural issue was launched in Spring 2000. Produced by the USDA Forest Service, the University of Idaho, and the University of Indiana.

Public Conservation Efforts

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
Detailed information about the natural sites and species of Arkansas, including several prairie sites. Also hiking trail information, great photos, and informative text about land preservation and appreciation.

Iowa Roadside Vegetation Management
The progressive effort to increase the health of the roadside ‘ecosystem’ - and reduce costs - in Iowa.

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area
Good information on prairies, with references and information on many national prairie and savannah sites.

Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Jamestown, ND. A science center operated by the Biological Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mountain-Prairie Region


Native Seed Network
Plant/seed lists by ecoregion, as well as information on seed producers.

Society for Ecological Restoration International
Texas Chapter of Society for Ecological Restoration


National Weather Service