Save Texas Tallgrass Prairies Description

“I can sit on the porch before my door and see miles of the most beautiful prairie interwoven with groves of timber, surpassing, in my mind, the beauties of the sea. Think of seeing a tract of land on a slight include covered with flowers and rich meadow grass for 12 to 20 miles…” – John Brooke, an early settler in the tallgrass prairies of Texas, 1849 The imperiled tallgrass prairies of Texas need our help now: out of the original 20 million acres of beautiful Texas tallgrass prairie, less than 1% now remains due to suburban sprawl, plowing for row-crop agriculture, and improper overgrazing during the last 150 years. Our current generation is the last chance to save this important piece of Texas’ cultural and natural heritage, and with Texas’ high projected population growth we must act now to save these special places. Photos by Lisa and Jason Spangler and Johnny Johnson. Bird images courtesy of John Kelly. Map from Illiustrated Flora of North Central TX

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“The most variegated carpet of flowers I ever beheld lay unrolled before me – red, yellow, violet, blue, every color, every tint was there…  The finest artificial garden in the world would sink into insignificance when compared with this parterre of nature’s own planting.” - Charles Sealsfield in the tallgrass prairies of Texas, 1843