Kirchoff Family Farm Description

Kirchoff Family Farm features three geologic formations—Leona Formation, Wellborn Formation, and Cadell Formation— and five soil mapping units—Coy clay loam, Buchel clay, Saspamco fine sandy loam, and Loire and Divot soils. The property supports reestablished grasslands in the fields that were previously utilized for agriculture then reseeded as well as a dense, woody plant community commonly found in South Texas. Native prairie habitat has been restored on blackland prairie of the Kirchoff Family Farm. Two natural riparian areas exhibit Tamaulipan floodplain habitat containing few invasive species. Habitats are being preserved for butterflies, neotrpotical songbirds, grasslandbirds, and Sprague’s Pipet which has been identified on the property and is a candidate for endangered species. This easement provides public access to the restored farm and its natural communities.

Kirchoff Family Farm

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