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The Paul Mathews Prairie is a rare and pristine 100-acre remnant of the Blackland Prairie near Floyd, TX in Hunt County. At one time, the Blackland Prairie ecosystem covered millions acres in Texas and much of the central United States. Today, very little of this habitat remains. Conserving this type of imperiled habitat is at the core of NPAT’s mission as a land trust. Help NPAT save this wonderfully diverse prairie by donating for the purchase of this prairie today!

Here are recent photographs to give you a glimpse
of the vast and colorful PAUL MATHEWS PRAIRIE


Prairies Updates

We regularly receive updates and photos related to two particular NPAT Prairies. Instead of posting them on Our Blog we created new links on these NPAT’s Projects’ pages: Maddin Prairie Preserve and the Kirchoff Family Farm.  We intend for this to become a regular addition to other ‘Prairies’ under our protection, offering everyone the opportunities to ‘SEE THE PRAIRIE’!
NPAT owns and maintains Maddin Prairie Preserve; we guide many visitors on prairie walks and conduct surveys on this beautiful prairie throughout the year. 
The Kirchoff Family is restoring their family’s prairie and have shared so many of their stories and included photos of family members ‘working hard’!  You see what is involved in ‘RESTORING’ a prairie! Open the links on the Kirchoff Family Farm.  These siblings have been making marked progress since their restoration efforts began in 2011. Their determination and hard work has produced visible changes. Watch for volunteer opportunities where you can ‘experience a restoration’ and volunteer your time working on this 200-acre expansive south Texas prairie!
These links will take you to our latest collection of reports and photos:
Click here for Maddin Prairie Preserve Updates or
Click here for The Kirchoff Family Farm Updates.
Contact NPAT when you see or hear of a potential opportunity to work along side us or participate in a ‘prairie walk’!

FALL is JUST AROUND THE CORNER (we hope)! August and September happenings are detailed on the News & Events Pages:

August, 2017
16-18 - Statewide Quail Symposium, Abilene, TX.
23 - Wild About Houston Short Film Screening, Houston, TX.
25 - “Conservation Easement” Workshop, Boerne, TX.
26 - Deer Park Prairie Bird Survey, Deer Park, TX.
September, 2017
5 - San Antonio NPAT Chapter Meeting, San Antonio, TX.
11 - Fort Worth NPAT Chapter Meeting, Fort Worth, TX.
12 - Blackland NPAT Chapter Meeting, Dallas, TX.
18-21 - Master Volunteer Entomology Specialist Class, Dallas, TX.
22 - DUE DATE : “Call for Abstracts” TXSER Annual Conf Nov.10-12, 2017
23 thru Oct 10 - Texas Pollinator BioBlitz, STATEWIDE
30 - Houston NPAT’s Prairie Day at Deer Park Prairie, Deer Park, TX.
October, 2017
3 - San Antonio NPAT Chapter Meeting, San Antonio, TX.
4 - CenTex NPAT Chapter Meeting, Georgetown, TX.
26-28 - Land Trust Alliance Rally 2017, Denver CO.
November, 2017
3-4 - NPSOT 2017 Fall Symposium, Huntsville, TX.
10-12 - Texas Society for Ecological Restoration, 2017 Annual Conf: “Resilience & Connectivity at Our Roots”; University of N TX, Denton, TX.
14-16 - America’s Grasslands Conference, Fort Worth, TX.

Highlights of Our Blog

2nd ANNUAL TEXAS PRAIRIES TOUR, June 3, 2017 - Multiple accounts and photos!

What is a Prairie?

We know “education is power”, and sharing our knowledge of and experiences in our Texas Prairies can be contagious! You can have a positive role in sustaining NPAT’s mission through education.  Teachers, parents, neighbors, volunteers, and anyone else may be “a prairie ambassador” by sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm and imparting knowledge of the immense VALUE grasslands and savanahs have in Texas!  Download “What is a Prairie?” share and enjoy! Pat Merkord, our Executive Director, prepared this short presentation in .pdf format.
There’s no time like NOW to expand someone’s knowledge.  You can also check out Our Blog and share photographs of recent ‘Prairie Tours’ and ongoing work in prairie restoration!
Your support enables us to reach many goals and define new ones!  NPAT could not operate without the help we receive from every single volunteer, donor, and advocate! You are the heart and soul of our mission.
NPAT Board of Directors and Staff
“When should I plant WILDFLOWER SEEDS?” The consensus is: early FALL!  
NPAT recommends implementing the ‘SEED BALL’ (a.k.a., Seed Bomb) method!
Seed balls have proven to be a very successful way to ‘plant’ wildflowers, native grasses, and even herbs. Seed balls work better than scattering loose, delicate seeds onto the ground because the seed ball protects seeds from heat and wind, or being eaten by birds, insects or other animals. Seeds will remain dormant and lay there until the rain melts away the clay; then the seeds will germinate! A ‘garden-size’ area is best vs. a large field. 
WHAT ARE SEED BALLS? (Did you ever make ‘mud pies’??) Seed balls are hand-made “marble-sized” balls (no larger than 1” in diameter).  You combine dry red clay and compost, with your native seeds and add water a little at a time!.  It’s like making small cookies; instead of baking them you allow them to dry 2-3 days until they become ‘as hard as a rock’. Then you distribute them on the ground and wait for the rain!
GET READY TO MAKE SEED BALLS! This video shows the process from beginning to end: Jaimie Gonzalez of Katy Prairie Conservancy, How to Make Seed Balls.
Local nurseries will have ‘local mixes’ or packets of specific wildlower seeds (bluebonnets, Indian blanket, etc.) for sale in a variety of quantities.
PLANTING AREA: Seed balls work best in a small restoration area, it can be grassy (no need to till or rake). You can mow the area before scattering the seed balls; but REMEMBER, you will NOT rake, bury, or water the seed balls!


Consider donating your vehicle to Native Prairies Association of Texas. Support the causes you love while qualifying for a tax deduction. You won’t have to leave your house; your vehicle will be picked up at no charge!.  Visit this website,; you can arrange everything online. Or, call 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433), and speak with someone who will gladly walk you through, step-by-step!
Become a fan of Texas prairies!
NPAT is excited at the prospects available supporting land owners’ efforts, educating young and old about the values of our prairies, encouraging environmental preservation, and enjoying the abundance of native flora and fauna!

Our collective efforts remind us of what’s really important.
As an NPAT supporter, you are in ‘good company’; The Texas Land Trust Council is a collaboration of more than 30 Texas land trusts (including NPAT) supporting excellence throughout the Texas land trust community via collaboration, education and outreach. Land Trusts within each Texas region, Panhandle Plains, Prairies and Lakes, Pineywoods, Gulf Coast, South Texas Plains, Hill Country and Big Bend Country, face challenges unique to each area and strive to conserve the native lands, wildlife and waterways of Texas for future Texans!
From NPAT’s Mission: ‘We educate Texans about native prairies, plant communities, grassland birds, wildlife and sustainable land-use practices.’  Did you know? “Today’s prairies are disappearing even faster than Amazon rainforests.”
Updates on our Accreditation Process and what it means for NPAT are on Our Blog.
Current and back issues of the Texas Prairie News are in the Newsletters section!
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